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Make sure that the date and uammerbugt are written correctly. Usage of bus transportation from the airport requires that the physical card is mailed to you. Please remember to include postage Any card jammerbugg crossed out, changed or illegible data is invalid and can no longer be used. Upon confirmation of the purchase, the following regulations and conditions apply: Your reservation has been made with VisitAarhus and by confirming this purchase you contract with us. Unless stated otherwise, the amount will be transferred from the used credit card including shipment costs if the card is to be sent in the post when the purchase is completed.

Steder jammerbugt Dating arhus

VisitAarhus accepts no responsibility for canceled events or activities. VisitAarhus also cannot be held jakmerbugt for closed or full museums, attractions or activities. VisitAarhus is not responsible for canceled or delayed transportation. VisitAarhus cannot guarantee that the included parking is available since it is in a public parking garage. Did you not receive an email confirmation?

Check if the email ended up in your spam filter. Scholarship letters or notice of tuition fee payment are sent out simultaneously. Mid July Final admission and rejection letters for applicants without a legal right of admission to Psychology. Running replies Applicants who have applied after 15 October in the 2nd round of admissions will receive running replies. Confirmation of receipt Once you have submitted your application syou will receive a confirmation stating that we have received your application through the application portal. The confirmation will appear under the tab "Messages" in the application portal.

If you do not receive it, please check your spam filter.

Letters of admission and rejection Conditional admission letter: If you are academically qualified for admission except for the completion of your Bachelor's degree and fulfilment of our language requirement, you will receive a letter of conditional admission. You still need to upload final documentation. Admission letter: If you are unconditionally qualified for admission, you will receive a letter of admission, and you are not required to upload any further documentation regarding your academic or language qualifications. Invoice fee-paying students: Scholarship letter: Status letter Psychology: If you have applied for admission to the Master's degree programme in Nursing or Psychology, you will be informed not later than 15 June whether or not you meet the admission requirements.

During July, you will receive the final decision regarding your application for admission.

If you do not already have a common card at Aarhus Availability, you must pay your favorite ways on mit. The peso is used for filling in the brokerage correctly. The jewelry will appear under the tab "Participants" in the currency portal.

Rejection letter: Rejection letters are sent out to applicants who do not meet the academic requirements for any of jammerbuyt programmes they have applied for. Accept your admission offer If you receive an admission offer conditional aruus unconditionalyou must actively accept it hammerbugt a specific deadline. If you do not Dahing your admission offer before the set deadline, your offer is annulled. Please note that ALL applicants must actively confirm their wish to accept an admission offer, and that the deadline for accepting the admission offer for some applicants may be very short a few days.

You will receive information regarding the specific deadline that applies to you in your admission letter. Except applicants with pending results. Mid July to be announced Deadline for accepting the admission offer for: However, in this case, to remain enrolled, you must meet all admission requirements by the set deadlines. The enrolment allows you to sign up for courses and follow lectures and you may sit exams. If you do not hold a qualifying Bachelor's degree from Aarhus University, you must contact Aarhus University when you have completed your degree. If you are enrolled in a Bachelor's degree programme at Aarhus University, you will remain enrolled in this programme.

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