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Neither type ge scan is dangerous to the baby and they don't increase your risk of miscarriage. You usually need to have 2 blood tests 48 hours apart to see if your hormone levels go up or down. Sometimes a miscarriage can't be confirmed immediately using ultrasound or blood testing. If this is the case, you may be advised to have the tests again in 1 or 2 weeks. However, no cause is found in about half of cases. Visits can be shared between the hospital and your GP or midwife. Subsequent visits At each visit you will provide a urine sample, your blood pressure will be taken and you will be examined. If you have any questions or worries related to your pregnancy, you should ask the midwife or doctor.

Most hospitals will have a system of parentcraft classes which you and your partner or friend can attend near the time of birth. These sessions will related posts you with an opportunity to learn more about breastfeedingnutrition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preparing you and your family for the birth of the baby. If this was the case, then as soon as you began to feel better, you would automatically eat more to re-gain the lost weight. So how much weight should a woman put on in pregnancy? This all depends on your pre-pregnancy weight. Women who are underweight at the related posts of conception should put on more than a woman who is normal weight at the beginning of pregnancy.

Back to Top How much weight should I expect to gain during pregnancy? There is no hard and fast rule, approximately kg or 22 — 27 lbs. If you are underweight you may need to put on more, if overweight you should try not to put on too much weight. However, do not try to lose weight when you are pregnant. These days women are very aware of the importance of having a balanced diet both before and during pregnancy. Try to avoid doing this. Back to Top I have always hated the taste of milk, how can I take enough calcium for the baby and myself during my pregnancy? The body is an amazing machine with the ability to maximise the absorption of whatever nutrient it needs from the food we eat and with such a wide variety of foods available today, deficiencies are rarely seen.

The questioner only mentions milk; she does not say whether she eats cheese or yoghurt in her diet. Back to Top I seem to be feeling sick all the time and find it hard to keep anything down, what can I do? Try eating something light such as dry toast or a water biscuit in bed before you get up and do not drink anything for one or two hours after eating. This can sometimes solve the problem, however, there is no guarantee. This is the one time you must not worry about nutrition. The important thing is being able to drink water. If you cannot keep liquids down you need to go into hospital. If you can eat certain foods, e. Drink between, rather than with, meals.

Keep away from cooking smells and get as much rest as possible. You should feel better after 12 to 13 weeks, when the baby is formed and your hormones have re-adjusted. Back to Top I like to drink a glass of red wine with my dinner in the evening. Is it safe to continue to do this during my pregnancy? More and more research shows that it is best not to drink alcohol at all when you are pregnant. This is especially important during the first trimester first 12 weeks when the baby is being formed. If you feel that giving up alcohol completely is too much to ask, then a glass of wine with a meal once a week could be something you might think about.

White wine is reputedly less toxic than red. In the U. No beer, wine or alcohol is the best choice of all, and we can only agree. Back to Top How do I avoid developing these crazy food cravings that you hear about in pregnancy? Certainly the more bizarre cravings seem to be a thing of the past. And of course we can get strawberries in March now or have ice-cream in the middle of the night if we want it. Again, the huge variety of foods on offer means that there are less, if any, deficiencies.

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Suould today get the kind of antenatal scqn that simply was not available to other generations. Blood tests are taken and dietary advice zhould the hospital dietitian is available on an individual basis for any woman who might need it. What can I eat during ve pregnancy to minimise the risk of my child shoulf affected by allergies? With histories of allergies in the family, the best protection you can give your baby is related posts breastfeed from birth. Infants who were given no cows milk, eggs or peanuts during infancy and sohuld mother also avoided those foods while breastfeeding developed fewer food allergies and had less eczema in the first two years of life.

It is important for mothers who intend to breastfeed to insist that their babies should not be given any formula in the hospital. If a nursing mother is trying to curb allergies in her baby and is not going to be around for a feed, she should pump breast milk and leave it for her baby. No solid food should be given to the baby before six months of age and then foods should be introduced, one at a time, starting with a rice cereal prepared with expressed breast milk or water, then vegetables, then fruit. Prepared foods containing eggs should be avoided. An induced labour is one that does not occur spontaneously. To be induced means that labour will be started artificially and this can be done by either placing prostaglandin gel in the vagina or by breaking the waters.

Back to Top I want my partner to be present at the birth, but I think he is reluctant. Should I insist that he be there?

Background Diagnostic ultrasound examination is fating in a variety of specific circumstances during pregnancy, such as where there are concerns about fetal growth and after clinical complications. Daging, because adverse outcomes datng also occur in pregnancies without clear risk factors, assumptions have been made that antenatal ultrasound examination in all pregnancies will prove beneficial by enabling earlier detection of problems that may not be apparent 3 — such as multiple pregnancies, IUGR, congenital anomalies, malpresentation and placenta praevia — and by allowing accurate gestational age estimation, leading to timely and appropriate management of pregnancy complications.

Methods The ANC recommendations are intended to inform the development of relevant health-care policies and clinical protocols. These recommendations were developed in accordance with the methods described in the WHO handbook for guideline development 4. In summary, the process included: Up-to-date systematic reviews were used to prepare evidence profiles for priority questions.

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The DECIDE Developing and Evaluating Communication Strategies to support Informed Decisions and Practice based on Evidence 7 framework, an evidence-to-decision tool that includes intervention effects, values, resources, equity, acceptability sone feasibility criteria, was used to guide the formulation and approval of recommendations by the Guideline Development Group GDG — an international group of experts assembled for the purpose shhould developing this guideline — at three Technical Consultations between October and March To ensure that each recommendation is correctly understood and applied in practice, the context of all context-specific recommendations is clearly stated within each recommendation, and the contributing experts provided additional remarks where needed.

In accordance with WHO guideline development standards, these recommendations will be reviewed and updated following the identification of new evidence, with major reviews and updates at least every five years. Other tests are needed to find out for sure if your baby has a condition. The screening depends on how many weeks pregnant you are. If you are less than 14 weeks pregnant, this screening is a blood test from you and a scan of your baby. If you are 14—20 weeks pregnant, this screening is a blood test only.

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