End Game Equipment

Check out this great guide by Zachans on Reddit on the best in slot gear (at the moment) right here!

First things first, let’s talk about Gear Score (GS). Gear Score is a stat that is provided through equipment which is based off of the gear rarity, level, enchantment level, and generally put, the difficulty of the dungeon it was obtained from. The dungeons at level 50 have a minimum GS requirement (listed in the dungeon sections) that are required for you to even enter the dungeon, which is why upgrading your equipment, especially your weapon and top/bottom/suit, will be required for you to have enough GS to do certain dungeons. Do note however that off-hand weapons (except an off-hand throwing weapon or dagger) will not contribute to your GS.

However, do not mistake a higher GS to mean that the equipment is better than something else. You can have a piece of equipment that has lower GS, but better rolls on basic and bonus attributes. Therefore, you should always be looking at the basic and bonus attributes when comparing two pieces of equipment. However, if you are trying to get enough GS to do the level 50 dungeons, you don’t really have to care about the attributes as long as you get something that gives you higher GS than what you already have, since your number one priority at that stage is to not waste runs trying to get to the harder dungeons. When you are trying to get to the 1500 GS dungeons, you can buy level 50 blue weapons and armors from the black market to get enough GS to do them. When you are trying to get 2100 GS to do the hard dungeons, you will need at least one epic equipment. For example, you can get an epic suit and enchant your weapon to have enough GS, or have a weapon and enchant your weapon. You can also equip a blue one-hand weapon (scepter) and an off-hand weapon (throwing star/dagger) to boost your GS temporarily to enter the dungeon, and then swap to your main weapons once you're in. You can combine this tactic with equipping something like an epic earring, and then enchanting your armors and weapons (weapons and top/bottom/suit give the most GS per enchant) to get barely enough GS.
Maple Weeb's Video:

Screenshot of this weapon was provided by Honyoponyoko from the official Maplestory 2 Discord. Equipment Stats To the left of the equipment name is +11, which is represents the enchantment level of that equipment.

Underneath is the Weapon Attack (if weapon) or Defense (for everything else). Equipment have a base value for their Weapon Attack/Defense, but these values are adjusted based on the the roll that you get for the Basic Attribute as indicated by the “Item’s Base Weapon Attack Increased by 287” in this example.

The gear score can also be seen in this example, with +762 being a result of the successful enchanting that has been done on the equipment.

The Basic Attribute types will always be the same for that equipment name. In this example, all Shiny Platinum Leaf-bladed Swords will have Item’s Base Weapon Attack Increase, Health, and Physical Attack for the Basic Attributes, but these numbers will be different within a minimum and maximum value.

The Bonus Attributes are the more important stats that you really want to keep your eye on. Some pieces of equipment can only give certain types of Bonus Attributes (Pyrros Gloves give Int and Fire Damage, Balrog Earrings give Boss Damage % and Attack Speed), but most equipment will have random Bonus Attributes with a random number within a minimum and maximum value.

If a Bonus Attribute has the max roll possible, it should indicate so with (Max) being shown after the value. Anything that is not Max but is in a purple color indicates that it is a high roll and is still pretty good. As for what Bonus Attributes you should aim for, I am still confused as to what the priority should be, but the undisputed top two stats you should aim for are Accuracy and Piercing.


You should aim for at least around 90 Accuracy realistically. Ideally you would want to get 110 Accuracy. Accuracy can be obtained through accessories, but I believe they can also be obtained through weapons (need confirmation). The harder the dungeon/raid you are trying to clear, the more accuracy you will usually need. Classes that put their points into DEX (Dexterity) may find that they can pass with 5 less accuracy (85 realistically, 105 ideally) since DEX gives you accuracy as well.


Piercing is different from Physical and Magic Piercing, since it is affecting the damage calculation based on the enemy’s Defense, not their Physical and Magic Defense which are usually at much lower numbers than Defense. You can get Piercing from Accessories and Weapons. Realistically, you want to get around 15%-16% Piercing from Equipment (more is always better though) and boost it up to 19%-20% with the Piercing souvenir buff from housing (should be called Scion of Light). Ideally, you would want to get 30% Piercing (I don't know if it's possible with our version just yet).

These two stats are the most important and should be prioritized the most. As for everything else, I have asked on the Discord and there seems to be mixed opinions, but the general idea seems to be something like this:

Subject to change

  1. Accuracy
  2. Piercing (caps at 30% but probably impossible to cap at the moment on release)
  3. Magic/Physical Piercing (caps at 15%, but I think you don't need more than 10%)
  4. Total Damage/Boss Damage/Melee Damage/Ranged Damage
From my understanding, Total Damage/Boss Damage/Melee Damage/Ranged Damage all do the same thing. However, Total Damage applies to all damage, while the other three are more specific. As a result, Total Damage generally has a smaller max number on equipment, while the other 3 have higher numbers. As a result, you may find it beneficial to prioritize Boss Damage over Total Damage, combined with Melee Damage/Ranged Damage based on your class.
Attack speed is also a great stat from my understanding, as it reduces the cast time for your skills, but I am unsure of where to place it in the priority list. It does seem to be great on Heavy Gunners especially because of their reliance on cast times.

Crit damage is capped at 250% (from Korean sources). It is apparently a very important stat for Assassins, but it may be too early to get crit damage given our current equipment available to us. Same for crit rate.
As for the stats that you want to get on each equipment (generally, with the exception of named equipment like Balrog Earrings that can give boss damage)...

Subject to change