When you hit level 5 in Foraging, you will recieve a mission that unlocks Alkimi Island with all the foraging nodes in clusters of 4. Very useful for daily foraging. You can back to the island by talking to an NPC in Lith Harbor and taking a ship there.

Node List

Node Drops Location Rank
Marjoram HerbMarjoramEvansvilleRank 1
Lavender HerbLavender, Purple Bloom DustQueenstownRank 2
Rosemary HerbRosemaryMiddletonRank 3
Lemon Balm HerbLemon Balm, White Bloom DustSilverstone BridgeRank 4
Mandarin HerbMandarinResortvilleRank 5
Jasmine HerbJasmine, Plum Bloom DustNew GoldusRank 6
Tea Tree HerbTea TreeOasis TownRank 7
Cherry Sage HerbCherry Sage, Red Bloom DustCrystal ValeRank 8
Patchouli HerbPatchouliAner ParkRank 9
Oregano HerbOregano, Blue Bloom DustBlooming FarmRank 10
Yarrow HerbYarrowEllin TownRank 11
Basil HerbBasil, Green Bloom DustOrne TownRank 12
Bergamot HerbBergamotEileen TownRank 13

Rank Rewards

Rank Rewards
Rank 1
Rank 2Rice Chips
Rank 3Gear Dye Voucher (Temporary)
Rank 4Glass Greenhouse
Rank 5Alkimi Clover Earring
Rank 6Bird Cage
Rank 7Special Red Potion x2
Rank 8Large Pot
Rank 9Alkimi Herb Beret
Rank 10Small House
Rank 11Special Orange Potion x5
Rank 12Goddess Fountain
Rank 13Alkimi Baroque Shirt