Gathering and Crafting

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Make sure to gather and craft everyday. Although you don’t have to craft everyday since you can stockpile materials and then craft everything all at once, I would still recommend crafting daily because you can craft items that will enhance your gathering. Gathering should be a priority every day because it is timegated, meaning that the sooner you start, the better because any materials that you skip out on cannot be gained in the future, putting you behind compared to others who started before you and kept at it.

If you open your gathering menu and click on a node, it should tell you if you can still collect more of that node for that day. It should also tell you where you can find the node to collect.

A small tip when gathering. You can stand between 2, 3, or 4 gathering nodes and gather all of them at once, increasing your gathering efficiency. When setting up nodes inside your house, try to put them in groups of 4 if you have the space and then collect in the center between all of them. This will be the most efficient way to gather per attempt (saves you time).

In addition to gathering in your home or out in the open, you also have a daily limit to gathering in another player's home. This number is separate from your daily limit in your home, so make sure to do this!

When you reach level 5 Mining and Foraging, you will receive a mission to unlock an Berg Island and Alkimi Island that has every type of node in clusters of 4. This is very useful for doing your daily gathering. You can back to the islands by going through the portals in Lith Harbor.
Maple Weeb's Gathering and Crafting Video: