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Chests can give Mesos, Crystal Fragments, Rusted Keys (which you analyze in Tria), Mini-Elixirs, and Blue and Green crystals, and Voucher Fragments. Wooden Chests and Golden Chests seem to drop the exact same loot. One thing to note is that the daily guild mission where you have to open 10 wooden chests with 2 other guild members in your party and in the same map will give you the ability to see wooden chest locations on your minimap with a ping. When you have this guild mission, you may find it useful for farming wooden chests in North Royal Road before eventually finishing the guild mission.
ArrowVulcan's Golden Chest Map: Link
SephMoist's Golden Chest Screenshots: Link
odeeQ's guide on chests: Link


You can scroll on your minimap to make it bigger or smaller, like this:

Minimap You can also click on the gear on the top right of the minimap to show or hide certain things on the minimap. Most notably, you can select the “friendly NPCs” option to show NPC’s on your minimap easily. This is very helpful for Exploration Goals especially, such as finding hidden NPC’s like the graffiti in Tria. These NPC’s will be shown as a small dot on the minimap.

By default, you can also show the minimap increase the minimap size temporarily by holding down the Tab key. Minimap Legend

You can access the map by pressing the “M” key by default

Big Map

Where to find __?

These are commonly asked questions for finding some interactable NPC/object (usually an exploration goal). Just a note, you can show friendly NPCs as mentioned above to show these NPCs on your minimap so you can find them easily instead of searching around randomly.
Stranger's House in Henesys
Stranger's House

To the Northwest of the binoculars, hidden in a corner on the hill on the North of Henesys.

Chalk Graffiti in Tria
Chalk Graffiti

On the Southeastern wall of Tria. Hug the wall until you get the option to examine it.

Vidrem Mansion Garden in Middleton
Vidrem Mansion Garden

How to get to __?


Go to Lith Harbor and talk to the NPC to the very left.

Harang Lake
Harang Lake

Go to Evansville and talk to the snail NPC

Crystalfrost Wall/Snowscarf Haven/Igloo Hill
Ice Areas Luditon Carnival has portals to Crystalfrost Wall, Snowscarf Haven, and Igloo Hill. It’s quite confusing, since it is so far away from the icy region.
Kabrium Basin
Kabrium Basin

Go to Shadowgate and enter the portal in the center of the map.

Alkimi/Berg Island
Reach level 5 in Foraging/Mining and complete the mission that you will receive over your character portrait. After leaving the island, you can go back with a portal placed in your home or by going to Lith Harbor and taking the two portals near the south.