When you hit level 5 in Mining, you will recieve a mission that unlocks Berg Island with all the mining nodes in clusters of 4. Very useful for daily mining. You can back to the island by talking to an NPC in Lith Harbor and taking a ship there.

Node List

Node Drops Location Rank
Copper VeinCopper OreEvansvilleRank 1
Tin VeinTin Ore, Mined OpalQueenstownRank 2
Zinc VeinZinc OreMiddletonRank 3
Silver VeinSilver Ore, Mined SapphireSilverstone BridgeRank 4
Iron VeinIron OreResortvilleRank 5
Lead VeinLead Ore, Mined DiamondNew GoldusRank 6
Nickel VeinNickel OreOasis TownRank 7
Ravensteel VeinRavensteel Ore, Mined AmethystCrystal ValeRank 8
Tungsten VeinTungsten OreAner ParkRank 9
Gold VeinGold Ore, Mined AmberBlooming FarmRank 10
Platinum VeinPlatinum OreEllin TownRank 11
Cobalt VeinCobalt Ore, Mined PearlOrne TownRank 12
Palladium VeinPalladium OreEileen TownRank 13

Rank Rewards

Rank Rewards
Rank 1
Rank 2Chicken Feather Pouch, Metacell x2
Rank 3Metacell x4
Rank 4Ore Miner, Metacell x8
Rank 5Berg Drill Earring, Metacell x11
Rank 6Mining Device, Metacell x15
Rank 7Fading Savagery Shoes (Temporary), Metacell x20
Rank 8Gold Mine Entrance, Metacell x25
Rank 9Berg Mail Flat Cap, Metacell x31
Rank 10Gold Bar Wagon, Metacell x37
Rank 11Fading Savagery Suit/Top/Bottoms (Temporary), Metacell x44
Rank 12Monster Fossil, Metacell x52
Rank 13Berg Turtleneck Vest, Metacell x61