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Mushking Royale

Mushking Royale will be unavailable during headstart and official release until the next season. I do not know when the next season will begin.

Royale Park

Royale Park is the lobby for Mushking Royale


There are several trophies that you can obtain only in Royale Park

A Walk in the Park - Remain in Royale Park for 1/5/10/30/60/180/300/600/1800 Minutes (9 Trophies). The last tier gives you the "Special Guest" title.

Royale Park Scavenger - Open 1/5/10/15/20 chests in Royale Park (5 Trophies). The last tier gives you the “Arms Dealer” title.

Chest Locations

Chest Locations You do not need to know all the chest locations. I say that you should just choose two to four locations and just go in a path between them until you finish the trophy.

Pop Goes the Mushking - Defeat the Inflatable Mushking 1/5/10/30 times in Royale Park (4 Trophies). The Mushking has a respawn time of around 10 seconds, so during that time you can go onto the wall and start climbing for progress on the climbing trophy. The final tier gives you the “Usurper” title. Inflatable Mushking Location
Chitter Chatter - Speak with 1/5/10/30/50/70/100/150/200 NPC’s in Royale Park (9 Trophies). The final tier gives you the “Chatterbox” title.

Bomb Diggity - Throw a bomb from Royale Park's training area 1/5/10/30/50/100/300/500/1000 times (9 Trophies). The final tier gives you the "Explosives Enthusiast" title. Bomb Location If there are no other players nearby, it is recommended that you go in a pattern that you can repeat over and over to complete this trophy efficiently. With other players competing to get the bombs, it took around 2 hours for me to complete this trophy. There are a total of 8 bombs available.
Free Climbing in Royale Park - Climb 10m/30m/50m/100m/300m/500m/1km/5km/10km in Royale Park (9 Trophies). The final tier gives you the “Climbing Connoisseur” title. Climbing Location 1 Climbing Location 2 From what I know of so far, there is no way to complete this trophy while AFK or in any quick fashion. You will have to move up or down a wall (left/right is slower) and that’s pretty much it. Spamming jump to quickly climb will not count.

The View Up High - Hang on to the Griffin or Hot Mush Balloon in Royale Park for 1/3/5/10/30/50 minutes (6 Trophies). The final tier also gives you the “Tourist” title. Hot Mush Balloon Location Griffin Location
Royale Park Swim Club - Swim 30m/100m/500m/1km/3km/5km/10km/30km/50km (9 Trophies). The final tier gives you the “Swim Captain” title. This trophy can be easily completed while AFK by going to a certain spot and just holding the left key (or taping it down/putting something heavy on top of it/using a rubber band around the keyboard). This works because when you fall off the map, it will teleport you to the last known location that you were on land. In this case, we were last on the bridge before going into the water and falling off the map, so we will be teleported back to our original location.

Who Needs Sleep? - Defeat Sleepy Shroom 1/10/30/50/100 times in Royale Park (5 Trophies). The final tier also gives you the “Insomniac” title. You can find Sleepy Shrooms in the bomb training area. You can enter the area where the shrooms and slimes spawn by jumping off the wall towards the outside and entering through the two windows. To leave the area, you can switch characters or go in a match.
Good as Gold - Defeat Golden Slimes 1/10/30/50/100 times in Royale Park (5 Trophies). The final tier also gives you the “Slime-scourge” title. Like the above trophy, you can go to the platforms where they spawn and kill them there. This trophy does take longer however.

Total: 73 Trophies

The shops can be found towards the left side of the lobby. They sell items for Mushroom Coins which you gain from playing Mushking Royale.

Mushking Supply Shop

Mushking Supply Shop

Mushking Outfit Shop

Mushking Outfit Shop

Mushking Royale

Mushking Royale is Maplestory 2’s take on the Battle Royale game mode (Fornite, PUBG, etc). There are seasons where you will be ranked against other players in either Solo or Squad mode (squad mode is playing in groups of 1-4). You can join squad mode with 1-4 players in the party (you just need to be in a party), but it will not automatically add players to your party if you are not solo. For example, if you were in a party of 2, you would go in with 2 members, but if you went in just by yourself not in a party, you will be paired with 3 other players.
Getting in the Game
Getting in the game 1 Getting in the game 2
The Start and General Information
Players will be grouped up at a random spawn point on the map and are invulnerable to damage. After the Mushking gives his instructions, a hot air balloon will spawn and will wait for 10 seconds before taking off. You can hang off of it and drop off as it travels across the map, automatically getting onto your glider as soon as you drop off. You can cancel your glider early though and put the glider back on before hitting the ground to not take damage while getting to the floor quicker.

After the hot air balloon takes off, the other players that are still in the spawn area will have 3 seconds before the forcefield surrounding the spawn area disappears. After the forcefield disappears, players are given a 35 second invulnerability shield.

Do note that even though you cannot get hurt while waiting in spawn or when you have the 35 second invulnerability shield, you will get dismounted if you were supposed to take damage. This means that players can be hitting other players who are trying to use their mount in the spawn, dismounting them.

If you are using a mount to travel faster, make sure to use the attack key to consume stamina and travel faster.

In Solo, you start with 1000 Health.
In Squad, you start with 1500 Health.

When a player dies, a tombstone will appear on their body which can be collided with (it can also block projectile skills). If they are in a squad and all players are not dead, there will be a timer on the tombstone that starts at 10 seconds. Every second, the timer will go down, and the player will completely die when the timer hits 0 seconds or all players on the squad are dead/tombstoned. If an ally hits the tombstone, the timer will refresh back to 10 seconds. Attacking an ally’s tombstone will also reduce the health of the tombstone, and destroying it will revive the ally back to around 60% health. It takes around 10 hits to break an ally’s tombstone. After the player completely dies, a zombie mushroom will spawn on their tombstone. Killing the zombie mushroom will drop all the items that the player had. Tombstone Emoting in squad mode will create a circle around your character that will remove debuffs on your allies. You can use this to cleanse the toadie’s ability that turns your teammates into mushrooms.

To drop an item for an ally, make sure to drag it off your inventory and confirm the number of items to drop, instead of dragging it off your hotkeys. Dragging off the hotkeys will simply remove the item from your hotkey and not drop anything, and you will have to drag the item from the inventory back onto the hotkey to be able to use the item again.

As of right now when I am writing this, there is currently a “pacifist” strategy going on in Solo mode where players will not kill other pacifists and try to last as long as possible because the system rewards players who survive longer than killing other players. This is mainly for the tokens to buy items. However, this is controversial because it is often debated that this is essentially “teaming”, and unfair to those who want to play normally.
The Map
Minimap The arrow shaped things are towers, and they will turn yellow/green when a player is within its range. It will start creating an annoying noise to alert players that there is a player in that area.

The anchors are boat stops. The boat stops are where you can interact with an NPC to summon a boat from which you can hang on to. This boat will float across a gap onto the other boat stop nearby. Make sure that when you take this, you don’t drop off too early or you will fall off the map and die.

When your shield at the start is about to disappear, you will get a notification that the safe zone will shrink in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. A random point will be chosen on the map, and the safe zone will shrink to that area every 2.5 minutes. The red circle outline is the current safe zone, and the blue circle outline is the next safe zone that the red circle will shrink to when the timer runs out. When the red circle has reached the blue circle, the timer will start again and repeat.

When the safe zone starts to shrink, gold chests will spawn at the towers. While outside the safe zone, you will take damage every tick. Zone Damage Per Tick
Toxic Water - Poisons you if you touch them. Each tick does 20 damage (1.33%) and the poison lasts for 10 seconds after you leave the toxic water. Toxic Water
Cold Water - Touching this will slow you down and will give you a stack of Shivering for every second you are in the water (shivering stacks last for 10 seconds). When you reach 10 stacks of shivering, you will get hypothermia, which will deal 100 damage every tick (6.67%). Cold Water
Wooden Chest - Occasionally you will see these wooden chests around the map. Open them by interacting with them, and they will drop random items that you can pick up. Wooden Chest
Golden Chest - These gold chests spawn at the towers when the safe zone starts to shrink. Each of these has a guaranteed drop of a Walky Talky (which are extremely powerful). Golden Chest
Bushes - These are bushes that you can hide in. Players outside the bush will not be able to see you. However, there is currently a bug where certain mounts can be seen from outside the bush. For example, if you were on your motorcycle in the bush, a player from outside the bush can see the motorcycle. Bushes
Thorny Vines - These thorny vines will deal damage to you as long as you are touching them. They will do 100 damage per tick. Thorny Vines
Ladders - Ladders can be found throughout the map. However, climbing one while you have an environmental weapon will make you lose the weapon. Ladders
Destructible Blocks - These are blocks that you can clear with one hit. You can also walk on top of them. Destructible Block 1 Destructible Block 2
Robots - These robots spawn in solo mode (and a chance of spawning in squad mode if all toadies have been killed). They increase your max health to 1500 and replace your current skills with 4 skills. One is a dash, another is an eye laser beam attack, and another is an arc of lasers. I don't know much about the robots unfortunately as I personally have not seen one or used one. From what I know so far though, it is apparently to your disadvantage to use the robots. Image provided by Dolly#0420 on Discord. Mushking Robot
Sleepy Mushroom - These guys will knock you back and deal 1 damage. After dying, there is a chance of it dropping an item, and it will spawn 5 more small sleeping mushrooms that also have a chance of dropping an item. The big sleeping mushroom takes 2 Jabs and 1 Magic Arrow to kill it. You can do one jab followed up with a jab + magic arrow to animation cancel. The small mushrooms should die to one jab each. Sleepy Mushroom
Golden Slime - Killing the golden slime gives drops a buff that lasts for 2 minutes. This buff gives you 50% bonus movement speed, 300 bonus health, and 30% bonus attack. Golden Slime
Toadie - Toadies are difficult monsters to kill that deal a lot of damage. There is 1 toadie on the map at the start that will spawn 4 other toadies when seen. They are available only in squad mode. You can detect when a toadie is nearby by their cute/creepy sound they make. They will chase you and dismount you, but will not damage you until you do damage to them first. They have an attack that shoots projectiles at you and turns you into mushrooms for a long time, and teammates can turn you back to your character by emoting on top of you. A very useful trick is to intentionally get hit by this attack and let your teammate remove the debuff because it will heal you to full health. Toadie Toadie Rewards
Zombie Mushroom - These spawn on a player’s tombstone when the player completely dies. Killing them will drop all the items that the player had. Zombie Mushroom
If you wish to drop an item/skill, you must open your inventory and drop it from there. Do not drag it off the hotkeys, because all you will do is remove them from your hotkeys until you put the item back on there.
Solo Only
Whirlwind - This does a big AOE attack around your character. Whirlwind
Stun Bomb - You throw a bomb in your direction a set distance away from you, which explodes after a moment. Despite its name, it does not stun for some reason. Stun Bomb
Dash Attack - This attack is separate from your regular dash. It does not consume stamina, and does damage to enemies you pass through. Dash Attack
Shurricane - You throw a big shuriken in the direction that you are facing, Shurricane
Tasty Corn Dog - Consuming this will increase your Max Health by 250, but it will also increase your current health to keep your health percentage the same. Tasty Corn Dog
Squad Only
Sanctuary Flare - This skill is used for giving a small heal to all allies (including you) in a small area. Very useful when used all at once with your other members. Sanctuary Flare
Both Game Modes
Jab - A basic melee attack. Can be animation cancelled with Magic Arrows. Jab
Magic Arrows - A basic ranged attack. Does less damage than jab, but has more range. Magic Arrows
Arrow Stream - Each individual arrow does less damage than Magic Arrows, but you shoot 3 of them very quickly. However, the range is also much shorter than Magic Arrows. Arrow Stream
M-Bomb - While this attack is very powerful, it is very hard to land and quite unreliable. M-Bomb
Fireblast - An extremely strong attack that has decent range and good damage. It also staggers the enemy. Personally my favorite skill. Fireblast
Lock-on - If cast within range of the enemy, it will lock on to the target and shoot in the direction of that target when the cast is finished. Lock-on
Flame Wave - This attack can hit through walls and can be cast while jumping. Flame Wave
Spring Jump - An extremely useful skill to have. When you cast this, you will shoot up very high into the air. While falling, you can get on your glider. This skill is very useful for escaping, since it forces the enemy to also use a Spring Jump due to the loss of vision when you use this (from them being out of range of you). Make sure that you do use your glider, since if you don’t you will take damage from falling. Also make sure that you don’t spring jump while underneath a door, since you’ll just smack your head against it and be stuck in the rising animation until you hit the ground. Spring Jump
Arcane Orb - Used to have a bug that was abused everywhere, but it seems to have been fixed. It has a very big hitbox. Arcane Orb
Blockade - You can use it to go across gaps, place it on top of enemy tombstones to prevent allies from reviving them (in squad mode), and placing them to give you something to jump onto (by jumping onto the corner). You can destroy the blockades by attacking them, but they are quite durable. When placing the blockade, it will appear in the direction your character is facing. Blockade
Herb - These herbs will restore a total of 320 health. It is important to remember that the effect ends if you take damage or deal damage to someone. Using this will dismount you. Herb
First Aid - While these potions may not heal for much, they are instant and can be used within a fight. Using this will NOT dismount you. First Aid
Position Tracker - This is a very powerful item that can be obtained from golden chests. Once used, it will reveal everyone on the minimap for 10 seconds. Using this will dismount you. Position Tracker
Energy Drink - Useful for chasing, running away, or running towards the safe zone. I believe using it will dismount you. Energy Drink
Dash - Just remember that the dash does not consume your stamina, but has a cooldown instead. You can also dash through Thorny Vines if you position yourself properly. Dash
Glider - The glider can be used from jumping from high places, either from a hill, from the Mushroom Hot Air Balloon, or from using Spring Jump. Very useful for escaping in combination with Spring Jump. Glider
Mount - Channel for a few seconds (around 2-3 seconds) to create a mount that gives you more movement speed than walking. Using your attack key while on the mount will consume your stamina but increase your speed greatly. Use this when traveling, especially at the start, but it can also be used when trying to get into the safe zone. Note that attacking or taking damage will remove the mount (even if you have the invulnerability shield at the start), but you will not be dismounted from the damage from the zone. Mount
Environment Weapons
Fire Bomb - Leaves a fire field on the ground that will deal damage every second that someone is on it (ally or enemy). Fire Bomb
Paint Bomb - Slows and reveals enemies when thrown into a bush. It also deals a little damage. Paint Bomb
Spiky Plant Bomb - Slows, damages, and poisons in an AOE where the bomb lands. There are different color versions, but they all do the same thing. Spiky Plant Bomb
Cart - Using this will throw the cart in a straight line in the direction you are facing. It will knock back and deal damage to all enemies it collides with. Does 150 damage. Cart
Slow Barrel - Leaves a field on the ground that slows all ally and enemies. Slow Barrel
Magnet - Pulls all allies and enemies to the center of the location where the magnet lands. Magnet
Royalety - Activate 1 Gold Pass. You also get the "Royale Fiend" title (1 Trophy).

Survival of the Fittest - Defeat 3 players in one match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy).

Mushking Scourge - Defeat 10 players in one match of Mushking Royale. You also get the “Royale Tyrant” title (1 Trophy).

Survival of the Marginally Fit - Place 20th in Mushking Royale without defeating anyone (1 Trophy).

Keeping a Low Profile - Place 5th in Mushking Royale without defeating anyone (1 Trophy).

Outsmart the Competition - Win in Mushking Royale without defeating anyone. You also get the “Pacifist” title (1 Trophy).

Paranoia - Win a Mushking Royale without opening a chest (1 Trophy).

Monster Lover - Win a Mushking Royale without defeating any monsters (1 Trophy).

Monster Hunting in Mushtopia - Defeat 10 monsters in one match (1 Trophy)

The Diligent Hunter - Defeat 50 monsters in one match (1 Trophy)

Toady Thrasher - Defeat 1 Toady in a match (1 Trophy)

Target Lock - Obtain 15 Lock-ons in a single match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy)

Heatwave - Obtain 15 Flame Waves in a single match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy)

Blastoff - Obtain 15 Fireblasts in a single match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy)

The Nucleur Option - Obtain 15 M-Bombs in a single match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy)

Tactician - Unlock all 4 Mushking Royale battle item collection trophies. Have to complete Target Lock, Heatwave, Blastoff, and The Nuclear Option. You also get the “Tactician” title (1 Trophy)

Blasted to Bits - Defeat 1/3/5 players with Fireblast (3 Trophies)

A Sure Shot - Defeat 1/3/5 players with Lock-on (3 Trophies)

The Pugilist - Defeat 1/3/5 players with Jab (3 Trophies)

Magical Missiles - Defeat 1/3/5 players in Mushking Royale using Magic Missiles (3 Trophies)

Once Burned, Twice Fired - Defeat 1/3/5 players in Mushking Royale using Flame Wave (3 Trophies)

Destroyer of Worlds - Defeat 1/3/5 players in Mushking Royale using M-Bomb (3 Trophies)

Manhunter - Reach tier 3 for all 6 Mushking Royale battle item usage trophies. Have to complete The Pugilist, Magical Missiles, A Sure Shot, Once Burned Twice Fired, Blasted to Bits, and Destroyer of Worlds. You also get the “Manhunter” title. (1 Trophy)

Herbalist - Obtain 15 Herbs in a single match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy)

Emergency Proof - Obtain 15 First Aids in a single match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy)

Electrolyte Overload - Obtain 15 Energy Drinks in a single match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy)

Reach for the Sky - Obtain 15 Spring Jumps in a single match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy)

Palliative Pyrotechnics - Obtain 15 Sanctuary Flares in a single match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy)

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide - Obtain 15 Position Trackers in a single match of Mushking Royale (1 Trophy)

Survivalist - Unlock all 6 Mushking Royale survival item collection trophies. Have to complete Herbalist, Emergency Proof, Electrolyte Overload, Reach for the Sky, Palliative Pyrotechnics, You Can Run But You Can’t Hide. You also get the “Survivalist” title. (1 Trophy)

High Maintenance - Get cured of a debuff by a teammate’s emote 1/10/50/100/300 times in Mushking Royale’s squad mode. You also get the “High Maintenance” title on the final tier (5 Trophies)

Exploding Your Enemies - Defeat 1000 players in Mushking Royale using Fireblast (1 Trophy)

The Thousandth Arrow - Defeat 1000 players in Mushking Royale using Magic Arrow (1 Trophy)

Burn It All Down - Defeat 1000 players in Mushking Royale using Flame Wave (1 Trophy)

The Arrow Never Ends - Defeat 1000 players in Mushking Royale using Arrow Stream (1 Trophy)

Seek and Destroy - Defeat 1000 players in Mushking Royale using Lock-on (1 Trophy)

MAD - Defeat 1000 players in Mushking Royale using M-Bomb (1 Trophy)

Go the Distance - Survive for 200/400/600/800/1000 minutes in Mushking Royale’s solo mode (5 Trophies)

Squad Life - Survive for 200/400/600/800/1000 minutes in Mushking Royale’s squad mode (5 Trophies)

The Mushking's Favorite - Participate in Mushking Royale 20/40/60/80/100 times. The final tier also gives you the “Mushknight” title (5 Trophies)

Total: 63 Trophies

Total trophies from Royale Park and Mushking Royale: 136 Trophies