New Player Guide

1. After selecting your server, you will be met with the character selection screen. When creating your character, you will have to first select your class before you create and customize your character. After you select your class, you can customize your character before choosing a name and creating the character. If an option has a gear icon on the bottom right, that means that it is customizeable in some way. For example, some hair styles will let you change the size or the position. If there is a "Free Move" option, you can click and drag on your character to position it yourself.

Additionally, each class has their own class-specific outfit that you can only get from character creation (from my knowledge so far). These outfits are also bound to your character, so you cannot transfer them to another character. This means that if you do not get the outfit from character creation, you can never get that outfit on your character later on. The other outfits besides the class-specific ones are available on the Meret Market (available for real money).

After choosing your character appearance, type in your name and try to create the character. The names are also based on the server, meaning that you can have the name "Megumin" on NA West and have someone else with the name "Megumin" on NA East.

2. After you create your character, you may want to fill up the rest of your character slots available to you so as to reserve the names.

3. After entering the game on a fresh new character, you will start a tutorial, so simply follow the instructions and complete it. You will not be able to customize your keybindings during this tutorial, so you will want to wait until you reach Lith Harbor before changing your settings. To see the settings and what they do, check out the Settings Page.

4. If you're interested in creating a guild and reserving a guild name, you can create a guild when you have 2000 mesos by going to the guild panel and then creating it from there. The default key for guilds is "G".

5. You may also want to immediately go and complete the dailies that are available to you before the reset, since they are timegated rewards that you will miss out on if you don't do them.

First is to go to your house by clicking on the house icon on the bottom right of your screen. From there, click the button on the right side where it says "Start Furnishing" to enter house editing mode. On the left side you will now see this big panel where it says stuff like Beds 0/1, Tables 0/1, etc. What you will need to do is place down objects in your house to complete this checklist to increase your Decoration Score to the max of 1100. After you complete the checklist and increase your Decoration Score, you can receive the reward that is next to the Decoration Score, increasing your Interior Design Life Skill (can be found by hovering over the button 2 spaces to the left of the house button you clicked on earlier).

Second, you will also want to place down your Life Skill Items while in furnishing mode in your house. You will be able to start off with a Chicken Pen and a Rice Paddy. Place them down, and then gather from them until it says "Success Rate: Impossible". You will find it beneficial to place them in a 2x2 formation, and gathering between all of them for maximum efficiency. After gathering, you may notice that your Ranching or Farming rank has gone up. You can check by going to the Life Skills button you clicked on earlier (two spots to the left of the house button). In the gathering section, you will see the 4 gathering life skills that are available. The life skills that you just worked on in your house are Ranching and Farming (Ranching being the animals, and Farming being the crops you just harvested). You will want to make sure you complete these every day, since they are reset daily (resets at 00:00 in the top left of your screen). If you ranked up in Ranching and Farming, you will have new animals/crops available for you in furnishing mode. Place them down, and repeat. I believe you can do this up until rank 3 on your first day. You will also notice that there were Mining and Foraging in your Life Skills panel. If you look at the Mining or Foraging section and click on a node (Copper Vein for example), it will show you the locations where you can gather that node. Clicking on that link to the map will open up the map for you. Make sure that when you arrive in Tria that you go and gather at these locations. Like before, I believe you can get up to rank 3 on the first day. You can also craft if you want (you don't have to), but you will probably want to because you can craft consumables that enhance your gathering and crafting.

6. The fastest way to level up is through the Main Story (Epic Quests). You will be able to go straight to level 50 by doing the Main Story alone, but you are free to get to level 50 through any means.

7. For your AP distribution while leveling, you should just put all of your points into the stat that will increase your overall damage.

Strength = Knights, Berserker, Runeblade
Dexterity = Archer and Heavy Gunners
Intelligence = Wizard and Priest
Luck = Thieves and Assassins

Skill points are up to you, but if you're new to a class, I recommend that you at least try every skill. Feel free to experiment, because AP and SP are able to be reset for free easily.

8. As you level, you will notice Maple Guide missions that show up. These are tutorials that give you rewards, so make sure to complete them. The only exception to this is potentially the "No Such Thing as a Free Enchant" Maple Guide Mission. This is the third part of the crafting and enchanting maple guide, so you can complete the first two parts for the rewards. However, once you complete the "No Such Thing as a Free Enchant" mission, you will be unable to come back to the map and talk to the NPC to buy the Onyx Crystals. After leaving the map, to go back, just open up the Maple Guide and click on the big "Begin Lesson" button. This trick may not be necessary depending on the price of Onyx Crystals, but it may be a good idea to have one character that does not complete this Maple Guide Mission so the maximum price you will ever have to pay for Onyx Crystals is 2000 Mesos. I would probably finish this mission on my main character, and leave it up on an alt because you will always see the quest available to you, which may be annoying.

9. Make sure that you do not waste your Onyx Crystals on enchanting before level 50. Check out the Onyx Crystal Page for more information. Make sure to dismantle everything as you level.

10. Every character has a daily and weekly dungeon cap. You can see this cap by going to your Challenge Map panel (hover over the globe icon on the bottom right and you'll find it). You can find the daily and weekly timers at the Timers Page. You will not receive dungeon rewards if you complete a dungeon when you are maxed out on your daily or weekly cap. As you complete your Main Story, you will be doing dungeons and filling up your daily and weekly cap, but as soon as you hit level 50, your clears will all be reset. This means that right before you hit level 50, you have the option to go back and complete dungeons for rewards. For example, I personally went back and did the level 37 dungeon to try and get the Oska Pillow Mount. It's up to you, and it's not too important if you just go straight to 50.

11. As soon as you hit level 50, you can do the Main Story until it asks you to complete a dungeon. I recommend that you do not waste your clear on this dungeon, but instead try to get enough GS (Gear Score) to go to a 2100 GS dungeon. You can find your GS by going to Character Panel left-most button on the bottom right. Level 50 dungeons will start to require a minimum GS before you enter the dungeon. It is recommended that you try to do 2100 GS dungeons because they give better rewards than the 1500 GS dungeons. There are several ways you can get 2100 GS as a fresh level 50. First is to buy an epic weapon or suit on the Black Market (third button from the left of the bottom-right buttons). These are pretty expensive, so you may not have enough mesos by the time you get to level 50. Even if you buy them, you may have to enchant your equipment to get enough GS (Top, Bottom, Weapons give the most GS). Make sure you do not buy a Codex or Shield, because they do not increase your GS! The second option is to buy a cheaper epic (earrings for example. Don't buy Pyrros gloves because they don't give much GS) and then enhance your other equipment to have enough GS. This can be accomplished with a little trick where you equip a main-hand weapon like a Scepter, and an off-hand weapon like a Throwing Weapon or a Dagger. Equipping both will give you a lot of GS, and you can equip them before entering a dungeon to meet the GS requirement, and then swap to your actual weapon once you're in. The third option is to do the weapon trick and then enhance them to around +8, while also enhancing your other stuff, but it may be more worth it to just buy an epic accessory since you'll be using a lot of onyx crystals this way. Below is a video guide that you may find useful.
SALT's 2100 GS Guide:

12. Now that you are level 50, you may also want to complete the other dailies and weeklies that are now available to you. Take a look at the daily and weekly sections available on the website.

13. You will also want to work on getting the available AP and SP from trophies. Take a look at the AP/SP Acquisition guide here.

Also make sure to take a look at Onyx Crystals and Dismantling here. You just gotta know that you want to keep your Onyx Crystals and to dismantle your equipment that you get from leveling up, and vendor the equipment that you can’t dismantle to the NPC, while throwing away the equipment that you can’t dismantle or vendor. Of course, equip them if they’re better than what you currently have though.

Once you hit level 50 and finish the story up until you have to do your first level 50 dungeon, you can do world bosses for experience. Suzukinobuko from Reddit has made a detailed post here.

Here's also a quick speedrun guide for leveling through the epic quests created by Jawing#9900 on Discord that can be found here.