Weapon: Scepter, Codex
Main Damage Type: Magic, Holy
Primary Stat: INT (Intelligence)
Skills: Link


+ Ranged
+ Heals
+ Extremely easy to find a party
+ Great team utility
+ Rarely have to waste consumables


- Low mobility
- Probably the worst dash of all classes because it gets blocked by allies
- Heals do nothing in PvP
- Low Damage

Maygi's Priest Guide can be found here.

Below is the skill build for most PvE content (dungeons, raid):

Priest PvE Skill Build

Below is my personal skill build in Dark Descent:

Priest Dark Descent Skill Build When playing Priest, make sure to keep Celestial Guardian up at all times and keep the Celestial Blessings buff on your allies as often as possible. Of course, you may want to hold onto it when you are expecting some big damage to be coming soon. It is a great ability, so make sure you get used to using it often. When you are not healing, you want to be contributing to the DPS as much as possible.

You will also find that you dash ability is very annoying in dungeons because it will automatically target an ally if you are dashing in the direction of an ally. This can result in you barely dashing and getting hit by an attack.