Doom on NA West (Reesespeeses on Reddit) has made a very good guide for getting easy trophies, which will be very helpful for players who want to get 500 Trophies for that extra skill point. You can find the guide here!

Below, I will be using this page to show you how to get the trophies that are not so straightforward to get. I will most likely not update this page any longer, since Doom seems to be doing a great job with creating a trophy guide above.

Book Trophies

These trophies are obtained by collecting books. These books can be sold on the black market.

Trend-setter - Collect all of the latest popular magazines BEAUTY / Drs.Zenko & Dixon, PhD - Collect the book "BEAUTY / Drs.Zenko & Dixon, PhD" A Griffin's Adventure - Collect the book "A Griffin's Adventure" Hephaestus Travel Guide Vol. 69 - Collect the book "Hephaestus Travel Guide Vol. 69" Ellinia's Monster - Collect the book "Ellinia's Monster" Punky Pig's Big Day - Collect the book "Punky Pig's Big Day" The Vanishing Girl - Collect the book "The Vanishing Girl" Nelph's Story - Obtain the 4 storybooks related to Nelph Alikar Prison Brochure - Collect the book "Alikar Prison Brochure" Urza's Diary - Collect the book "Urza's Diary" Observer's Account - Collect the book "Observer's Account" A Brave Pig - Complete the quest "The Pig Takes Flight"

Total: 12 Trophies

World Quests

The format is: Achievement Name - Starting Quest Name (Map Name, Starting NPC, Level)

Cats in Love - Cats on a Crane (Barrota Port, Janine, Lv. 15)
Don't Lose It Again! - Arwen's Glass Slippers (Ellin Grove, Arwen, Lv. 26)
Suffering for Your Art - Artist vs. Artiste (Barrota Shore, Meminem, Lv. 13)
The Accursed Axe - A Rotten Malcontent (Henesys, Militia Captain Oska, Lv. 22)
Free Crabby - Crabby Sabotage (Beachway 111, Moma, Lv. 14)
Care for a Corn Dog? - Crabby Capture (Beachway 111, Fisherman Stan, Lv. 14)
Butterfly Conversationist - Flight of the Butterflies (Trinket Woods, Yord, Lv. 28)
Witch Hunt - Witch's Wager (Serene Docks, Monshel, Lv. 38)
Full Moon's Curse - The Howling Stone (Perion, Lamionne, Lv. 32)
Grim Vision - Mournvul Vision (Perion, Kaveki, Lv. 30)
Desert Groove - Secret of the Dance (Pigming Clan Altar, Tanz, Lv. 41)
The Terrible Tohs - The Returned Villager (Perion, Wolf Girl Tina, Lv. 43)
Your Tears are Delicious - Ipigio the Inedlicate (Torhara Spring, Ipigio, Lv. 27)
The Truth is Out There - I Want to Believe (Andrea Barony, Timmy, Lv. 25)
Frognapped - Operation Frog Rescue (Ellua Riverside, Papa Frog, Lv. 37)
Wakey-Wakey Boroboro! - The Lost Stones (Great Ellin Tree, Shapian, Lv. 37)
The Fountain of Melody - Broken Melody (Picchu Picchu Gardens, Ringling, Lv. 32)
Hands-on Herding - Baa Baa Pink Sheep (Evansville, Beans, Lv. 14)
Jealousy of the Fairfolk - Borrower's Remorse (Tria -> Tria Library, Head Library Anne, Lv. 13)
Star-crossed Love - Utterly Charmed (Tria, Maya, Lv. 32)
Forest of Friendship - Happy Little Trees (Fairy Tree Lake, Hurum, Lv. 12)
Zero-Sum Love - Love Hurts (Mounthill, Morris, Lv. 22)
Pig-Approved Diet - Diet Hard (Sweetskirts, Hamantha, Lv. 33)
Gainful Employment - Below His Station (Kerning City -> Kerning City Hall, Mayor Marco, Lv. 15)
Pizza Delivery! - A Timely Interview (Kerning City -> Goldus Tower Lobby, Goldus's Secretary, Lv. 20)
Doon-done - Life Finds a Way (Kerning Junkyard, Manager Poron, Lv. 15)
Counter Clock-wise - Tick Tock Clock Tower (Clock Tower Square, Researcher Marlowe, Lv. 40)
Blake, My Love - Clandestine Photo Shoot (Majore Lake Park, May, Lv. 20)
Larger than Life - Making it Big (Fellowstone Construction, Vito, Lv. 21)
Halt! - Like Rats in a Trap (Aquatopia, Guardsman Jimmy, Lv. 50)
Plunderer of Luxury - Mr. Arthur's Day Out (Ludari Mall, Mr. Arthur, Lv. 50)
Professional Smeller - It's a Secret (Moonlight Desert, Scout Captain Gree, Lv. 50)
Karkar Meerkat Patrol - It's a Secret (Moonlight Desert, Scout Captain Gree, Lv. 50)
Night Sky in Bloom - Walk with Light (Sandstar Ruins, Miel, Lv. 50)
Photographer for the Day - The Best Business Plan (Rainbow Valley, Chairman Modir, Lv. 50)
Be Still, My Heart - Get Rich Quick (West Auto Bridge, Gulliver Olivieta, Lv. 50)
Snakebite Medicine - Scary Cute (Lavendar Island, Melatina, Lv. 50)
Island of Lavender - Scary Cute (Lavendar Island, Melatina, Lv. 50)
Rail Worker - Imposters (Ludari Station, Monorail Conductor Roshimov, Lv. 50)

Total: 39 Trophies

Attacking With an Object

If you just want to get the trophies for attacking with it once, Smussy#7183 on Discord (Tolemi959 on Reddit) has made a Reddit thread showing the locations where these objects can be found here. You can also refer to the guide linked at the very top of this page.

There are some maps though where it is very efficient for farming the trophies if you want to go beyond just attacking with it once, and I will add on to the list as I find them.

Fire BAD! - Attack with a torch 1/100/1,000/5,000/10,000 times (Frostember Void)
Let's Roll - Attack with a tire 1/100/1,000/5,000/10,000 times (Golden Tower Elevator)
A Toxic Environment - Attack with a poison bag 1/100/1,000/5,000/10,000 times (West Wind Hill)
Barrel Blast - Attack with an Oak Barrel 1/100/1,000/5,000/10,000 times (Cheliska Bay)
Drop the Bomb - Attack with a bomb 1/100/1,000/5,000/10,000 times (Ant Tunnel Plaza)
Cranky Camper - Attack with a tent 1/100/1,000/5,000/10,000 times (Sandstar Ruins)
Kerning Bus Beatdown - Attack with a Kerning bus 1/100/1,000/5,000/10,000 times (Muros Media Park)