World Bosses

World bosses are very durable and powerful bosses that you will want to kill with a group of players. They spawn on a schedule, with each having their own time slot every hour in a specific map. If not aggroed by a player, they will despawn after a set time. These world bosses drop green/blue crystals which are valuable for rerolling bonus stats on equipment.

After the boss has died, you can also repeatedly attack the corpse until the body disappears, allowing you to get some extra Mesos and sometimes some elixirs. You can see World Bosses on the map, and hovering over the boss will show what channels that the boss is still alive in (your current channel is highlighted). World Bosses on Map The schedule for the world bosses is posted down below, in the format of XX:15 for example, which means that the boss will spawn at 02:15, 03:15, 04:15, and so forth.

Click on the map name to copy it to your clipboard for easy copy pasting. You can paste it in-game when searching on the map with Ctrl+V
Boss Name Level Map Name Spawn Time
Furious Baphomet40Mirror CastleXX:05
Doondun15Kerning JunkyardXX:05
Ikar Morde50FrozencrestXX:05
Lo and Moomoo32Baum TreeXX:05
Acreon50Lavender IslandXX:05
Heartless Baphomet50Frostpeak MountainXX:15
Ureus50Nazkar PyramidXX:15
Griffina30Trinian CrossingXX:25
Toh and Googoo43Whistler CliffsXX:25
Giant Turtle18Beachway 111XX:35
Vayar Gatekeeper35Precipice FortressXX:35
Alpha Turtle37Ellua RiversideXX:40
Lernos40Twilight Moon CastleXX:45
MK 52 Alpha27Neuron DNA Research CenterXX:45
Devilin Warrior21South Royal RoadXX:55
Amadon50Ludari ArenaXX:55
Devilin Chief (after Devilin Warrior dies)24South Royal RoadXX:55
Pekanos47Fractured CanyonXX:55